A Workout Playlist to Help You Kick Butt in the Gym

The worst part about getting to the gym is realising you’ve left your headphones at home. I struggle to workout to the music played in the gym, I much prefer listening to playlists that I’ve put together. I find my output is much stronger and I am often more likely to beat my personal best because I can really focus on what I’m doing.

So I wanted to share a playlist with you in the hope that it’ll help you too.
As well as the traditional rock tunes, there are also some bands on this list that are based in my local area you may not have heard of such as Death by Ki, Holding Absence, Pretty Little Enemy and Seconds Alive. I’d definitely recommend checking out the rest of their music, you really won’t regret it!

Spotify Playlist 

To find my playlists on Spotify, simply type ‘spotify:user:amybishopfitness’ into the search bar. Click follow to follow my profile and keep up to date with new playlists I create. The above link will take you directly to my rock workout playlist.

Apple Music Playlist

If you have Apple Music, click on the link above to be directed to my Apple Music playlist.

Have a listen, let me know what you think, how you get on and anything else you’d add to the playlist!


6 thoughts on “A Workout Playlist to Help You Kick Butt in the Gym

  1. I have a post about a playlist too! You should follow mine! I’m going to check yours out! So crazy you liked my stuff as I was checking out your blog! I love your heading “the ramblings of a wanna be trainer” because SABAAAAAAAME!!! lol

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