May 2016 – November 2016 – November 2017

I am a lifestyle fitness enthusiast with over 7 years of trial and error behind me, on my way to getting my qualifications as a Personal Trainer.

I am here in an attempt to diminish the weak girls stereotype and re-enforce the #girlswholift & #thisgirlcan campaigns. Showing everyone that they can do anything and everything they put their minds to.

Fitness is a growing industry and with the help of social media a lot of rubbish advice, mis-leading sales techniques, products and plans are around, to trick you into buying things you don’t need, and to assure you that getting the results you want are just as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s the truth: a realistic and maintainable physique is a journey — and it’s different for everybody. Progress takes time. It can take months or even several years depending on your body aspirations.

But with patience, persistence, determination, and most importantly self-love, you can reach any fitness goal you set your mind to.

It’s my mission to help you on your journey in any way I can. Whether that’s sharing tasty and healthy recipes, workouts or reviewing products honestly, so that you can believe in yourself and achieve your body goals.

I’m here to help.