St Nectan’s Glen | Tintagel

Near Tintagel in the North of Cornwall is St Nectan’s Glen, considered by many to be one of the UK’s most spiritual sites. 

Walking alongside the Trevillet river up to the top of St Nectan’s Kieve are offerings to St Nectan – ribbons and crystals tied to trees, coin studded trees and small rock stacks, all wishes for good health left from those whom have already walked the path.

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Slate rock stacks left in memory of loved ones who have passed away

The main attraction of the Glen is the incredible oasis that is the waterfall. The water travels around 18 metres through Devonian slate and finishes in a perfect pool at the bottom. The water created a hole in the original Kieve (waterfall basin) to make two perfectly formed waterfalls.

I’d definitely recommend taking the longer route down alongside the waterfall and taking the opportunity to see the waterfalls at each step, both before and after the Kieve. Many also took the chance to paddle in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, claimed to be filled with healing properties.

The sound of a waterfall will bring peace to even the most stressed among us. We all lead hectic lives, running around doing a million things at once. It’s so important to take time out and recharge your batteries. St Nectan’s Glen is the perfect place to do it. We sat for over an hour, listening to the water and building our own slate stacks.

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St Nectan’s Glen waterfall

We then took a walk back to the top of the waterfall, all made worth it by the most adorable cafe at the top. Serving delicious homemade cakes and sandwiches, you can soon redeem all of the calories you burnt making the long walk around the waterfall.

A slice of tranquility is exactly what I needed when we visited St Nectan’s Glen and it did not disappoint. Even looking at these photos takes me back to this beautiful haven.

Where do you go to relax? I’m always looking to explore new places so let me know!


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