7 Gym Bag Essentials

Here we have 7 essentials for any gym bag, male or female. I like to have a bag packed at all times so that I can grab it in the morning and leave it in the car for the day. When I get home after a workout I re-pack it as I unpack so that I have time to make sure I have everything I need.

1. Trainers

Of course, the first thing to pack in your gym bag. A good pair of trainers will make a huge difference to your workouts, particularly if you’re doing cardio. They don’t have to cost the Earth, you can get decent trainers for as little as £40.

2. Gloves

Calluses are not your friend. They can be painful and make your hands rough, which I am not down for. But they’re all too familiar when weightlifting. So when I’m gripping a barbell or a dumbbell, or using a bar on the cable machine that has rough grips I use my gloves to protect my hands.

I got these for Christmas a couple of years ago, they’ve lasted longer than I thought although I’ll probably need to buy a new pair soon.

3. Earphones

I don’t know about you but when I work out I like music. And the music in my gym isn’t always what I want to hear when I’m exercising. The wires on my earphones got really irritating, kept tangling up and meant that I had to have my phone on or near me all the time.

I did have a pair of wireless earphones which were incredible whilst working out but they broke. I would definitely recommend wireless earphones if you’re on the market for new ones, they’re so much easier whilst you’re working out.

4. Protein Shaker

I recently bought this protein shaker from My Protein. It’s got two compartments for my supplements/powders which saves me from carrying copious amounts of tubs around with me! It holds 800ml of water too so it’s a decent size for working out with.

This never leaves my bag (except to wash of course, if you know the smell of a shaker that hasn’t been washed for 3 days you’ll feel that pain) Once washed I immediately replace the supplements and pop it straight back in my bag, ready for my next session.

5. Spare Gym Clothes

I tend to have at least one spare top and some socks in my bag. I’m one of those ‘just in case’ people so I like to have something spare in case I forget to pack my bag one evening.

Or if the booty gains get too big at work like they did a few months ago. I split my work trousers right on the butt so had to wear my gym leggings for the rest of the day!

6. Gym Towel

It doesn’t have to specifically be a gym towel, it could just be a small hand towel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the gym to come out looking like I’m ready to go out. I go in to SWEAT, so a gym towel is essential for hygiene whilst using the machines and wipe your face during your workout.

You’ll also need a towel if you’re going to have a shower at the gym!

7. Personal care

Hairbands – The second worst thing to forget after your headphones. I always have at least 6 in my bag, I’m terrible for breaking them!

Don’t forget your shower gel and deodorant too – especially if you’re planning on having a shower at the gym.

So there we have it guys, this is everything I keep in my gym bag. What do you keep in yours? Anything I haven’t mentioned?


5 thoughts on “7 Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Good list. May I make one modification for men? We should not use gloves, as calluses are handy in real life. Some guys in the gym call them sissy mittens. Anyway, my calluses are hard earned–it took lots of deadlifts and pullups to make them.

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