A Girl’s Gotta Lift – 3 Chest Training Myths

When the majority of women approach their personal trainers with a list of everything they want to improve, the most common options are a firmer stomach, thinner thighs or a more shapely butt. Improving their chest isn’t usually an option, in fact most females don’t think they should be training it at all.

Whether you want to become a bodybuilding, power lifting machine or you simply want to improve your overall confidence within yourself, it’s essential to train chest girls!

The overall understanding of training chest is that it should be left to men, because doing so will make you look less feminine. Here are three bogus myths I thought I’d get out and destroy so that you can get past your chest training fears and get to work! 

#1 Training chest will make my boobs firmer

This one makes me giggle just a little bit. No need for a sports bra after a few bench presses eh?

Training chest will not make your boobs go rock hard. Training your chest will build up the pectoral muscles underneath your boobs, not the fat that makes up your boobs.

Provided you aren’t dieting too severely, the fat in your boobs should remain the same. If anything, the added muscle underneath could make them look fuller and even give you a little more cleavage!

#2 Doing Chest workouts will make my boobs smaller

Ok, so I can see where this one has come from. People take one look at the bodybuilders at shows in their bikini’s and presume that’s the result they’ll get from training their chest.

What you need to understand is that it isn’t the muscle that makes their boobs smaller. It’s the extreme diet they have to put themselves through to get there. Boobs are made up primarily of fat, so when these girls reduce their body fat percentages really low during stage prep guess what has to go as well.

#3 I do lots of push-ups, so I train chest all the time

Most people – not just women – add push ups to the end of their workout. Hoping this will improve their upper body strength and then wondering why it isn’t.

The same as working any muscle group, you need to add a variety of exercises and resistance to build on it.

Once you get to a certain level of fatigue, push-ups aren’t as effective for maximum muscle gain. Unless you add a level of resistance to your push-ups, they won’t help you to get stronger.

Try adding them to the end of your chest workout as a finisher.

So, there we have it girls. Those pesky myths have been busted. Try re-thinking your workouts and incorporating some chest exercises, such as bench press, incline bench press or dumbbell flyes. Or speak to your trainer and ask for their recommendations.


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