Changing Your Mentality To Become Successful #1 – Embracing Failure

I know. It sounds backwards right? Failure leads to success?

But it’s true. Everything is about trial and error and fitness is no different.

I hate to fail. I’m a real perfectionist, but with thanks to my guitar teacher (life coach lessons come with the guitar tutoring apparently..) I’m slowly coming around to the fact that getting it perfect doesn’t happen straight away, and you need to get it wrong – sometimes 1000 times – before you get it right.

And that’s OK. 

Failure teaches us how not to do things. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of your success, because it gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and grow with them.

If you’re aiming for big things, you can’t avoid failure. No successful path is a straight line it’s twists and turns, learning where you want to go.

And I don’t think you fully appreciate your success until you’ve worked hard and tried and failed a few times before you get there.

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. – Jillian Michaels.

So go out there and get ready to fail. That’s the best part about learning, mistakes teach you so much more than immediate perfection ever could.


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