20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Junkies 🎄

So we’re now well into December and people are getting into the swing of Christmas. We decorated our office the second December the 1st hit and it resembles Santa’s Grotto. Team that with non-stop playing of Christmas music and it’s safe to say that we’re all extremely excited for the Christmas break.

It can be difficult buying gifts for fitness junkies because they often know exactly what they like, and usually have it already.

I’ve previously put together a list of gift ideas for stock fillers all under £20 here. I thought I’d share with you a list of gifts with a higher price tag for your favourite friends and family members.

1. Fitness Watch – Fitbit/Apple Watch

There are a variety of fitness watches on the market, from the base line Fitbit to the Charge and even smart watches such as the Apple watch, which come with a lot of fitness applications that previous versions of the Apple watch didn’t.

These are really useful for those who like to know how much exercise they’re getting in a day, how many steps they’re taking and a great way to track workouts.

2. Trainers

These are on my list this year for the second year in a row. I go through trainers like there’s no tomorrow but I don’t ever bother to buy myself a new pair, I just stick with may old faithfuls until Christmas rolls around again.

If you know the recipient well enough you could select a pair and a size for yourself, I just told my sister the size, colour and style I like and let her go from there!

3. Gym Bag

Similar to trainers, I tend to stick to my old faithful when it comes to a gym bag. There are a huge variety of gym bags on the market from duffel bags to shoulder bags. The same as with the trainers, if you know them well enough you could choose one for them. Otherwise, let them doing the choosing!

4. Recipe Books

There are a huge range of recipe books on the market. My personal favourite is the ‘Lean in 15’ range from The Body Coach. Not only are there quick and easy healthy recipes in there but also workout suggestions which make an amazing combo.

5. Workout Clothes/Gift Card

Does your recipient have a favourite clothing brand? Why not buy them a pair of leggings they’ve been pining after for months, or a top you know they’re dying to get. If you aren’t sure of the size, a lot of companies now produce their own gift cards. Your giftee can choose their own size and style!

Companies such as Fabletics also offer subscription services to receive new fitness clothes every month. Perfect if you aren’t sure what style they would like!

6. Thermal Clothing

An outdoor runners essentials will be thermal clothing at this time of year. Nike and Under Armour produce some amazing base layer clothing that will keep runners warm, but not so warm they spend their entire workout sweating.

7. Yoga Mat

A good and decent yoga mat is hard to come by. Although you can find them in most shops, finding a comfortable mat is not easy. Take care of the searching and gift someone with a decent one for Christmas.

8. A Quick-Drying Gym Towel

A gym towel makes a great gift and they are some really cute ones on the market. You could even get them a personalised one for that extra little touch.

9. Foam Roller

A foam roller is a perfect gift for any workout junkie. They’re designed to help ease muscular pain and remove knots. Many people also use them to stretch out after a workout.

10. Fitness Sessions

Is there a sport you know someone is dying to try? Or maybe there’s a class you’ve taken and you know they’d love. Places like Another_Space offer classes in HIIT, Yoga and cycling. You could even book them a bunch of sessions.

11. Grow Your Own Herbs Kit

For those health nuts you know would love to grow their herbs. Buy them a kit to get them started on growing their own food!

12. Vegetable Spiralizer

These appeared out of nowhere last year. Carrot Spaghetti is a must try for every single one of you, especially those health nuts wanting to curb those carbs. A vegetable spiralizer is a perfect gift for anyone wanting to watch what they eat.

13. Smoothie Maker

You can get smoothie makers that once filled with delicious food simply connects to your bottle and blends, making it much easier to make your own smoothies at home.

14. Food Box Subscriptions

Why not treat someone you love to a subscription to healthy snacks you know they’ll love? Low Carb Loot are one of my favourite subscription boxes currently on the market. They offer a great range of products, from protein bars to sachets of peanut butter and even cookies! They offer a one off, monthly or 6 monthly subscription services.

15. Supplements

If you know there’s a certain supplement they love, why not get them some to keep them stocked up over the winter? Whether it’s BCAA’s, pre-owrkout or their favourite flavour of protein shake, you’ll be their number one this Christmas with this gift.

16. Motivational Quote Prints

I gifted a friend with a motivational quote last year and she adored it! There is a huge range of quotes and posters to get, but the one I went for was similar to this one and put it in a simple frame.

17. Cycling/Running Guide

Do you know of an outdoor runner? Or maybe someone who loves mountain biking. Why not gift them with a book full of tracks near them. Outdoor exercise is great fun but can get boring when you’re following the same route. This will help your fitness fan to break up their old routine and catch some new scenery!

18. Ankle Weights

These are perfect for at home workouts, allowing you to add a little resistance to different exercises when you can’t get to the gym.

19. Sleep Tracker

Rest is essential when you workout regularly. Without getting the right amount of sleep your body can’t recover and grow after all of the work you’ve put it through. Why not gift your fitness lover with a sleep tracker like this one so that they can make sure they’re getting the right amount.

20. Waterproof MP3 Player

Perfect for the swimmer in your life, MP3 players such as this one from Finis are ideal for anyone who regularly dives into the pool.

I hope this has helped you to gift your loved ones this year. Let me know what’s on your wish list, especially if it’s not listed above.

Merry Christmas!


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