5 Ways to Keep Active in the Office

When your job is behind a desk it’s easy to just sit there and not move for the majority of the day. Doing this can have side effects and your body certainly won’t thank you for it as you get older. Staying sat at a desk all day can cause bad posture and issues with your back so it’s important to stay active whilst you’re at work.

I work behind a desk myself and find that some days can really drag if I stay sat down all day. As well as that, I start to experience back pain and get really down. Particularly when it’s winter and you get to the office in the dark and leave in the dark too.

I’m a bit of a fidget. I don’t like to stay still for very long, my brain’s constantly active so wants to be doing a different thing every minute. So here are a few ways I keep active during the day to avoid staying stuck behind my desk.

1. Get out of the office. 

I don’t mean leave the building. But just get up from your desk and take a short walk for 2 minutes every hour. I go to the loo, grab a round of coffee or re-fill my water bottle at least once an hour. This gets me mobile and out of my seat so that I can clear my head for a moment and not stay sat down for a full 8 hours.

2. Take a proper lunch break.

Ok, I don’t always do this. Some days my to do list is too full for me to even think about taking a lunch break, let alone one where I’m not working. But it’s really important to take that time away from your desk. Take a walk, go and sit outside or even just in the canteen. It will help you to clear your mind and relax before the rest of the day.

3. Avoid calling or emailing your colleagues, walk and speak to them instead.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to send a bunch of emails out to people instead of going and speaking to them. It’s not possible in all offices, but get up and have a conversation with people where you can.

4. Take the stairs.

If you have more than one floor in your building, take the stairs rather than the elevator. This extra little bit of exercise will help to keep you moving and awake, particularly first thing in the morning.

5. Make small movements.

Move about. Like I said before, I’m a bit of a fidget. I’m always up and down on my chair, kneeling, standing at my desk. And you should do the same. It’s great to just get up out of the chair even for just a moment. Even if you don’t get up and down out of your chair, try stretching. Stretch your arms, shoulders and neck and you’ll feel much better.

Hopefully some of these will help you to stay active in your office. I’ve also written a post about snacking in the office and how to go for the healthier option here.

I’d love to hear if you try any of these or if you do anything different so let me know!


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