Rest. Relax. Recover.

Sit down.

But I haven’t been to the gym…

No, sit down. Stay there.

Yeah, but progress… We’re going to lose it all…

Quiet.  No we won’t. Sit down and drink that cup of tea – that’s now stone cold because we’ve argued about it!

Anyone else ever have this? I often find that I’m beating myself up because I haven’t been to the gym. But you can’t work out every single day.

If you do you’ll find it more difficult to progress. Your muscles need at least a 24-48 hour rest period after working out before the next session. This recovery time is essential for the repair of your muscles and to ensure that you’re back on form for your next workout.

It’s good to be sore, don’t run yourself into the ground. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t go to the gym. Listen to your body, if you need rest time then rest.

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to be on the move or at least doing something. I get bored quickly if I’m sat still for too long, I have to mix up different things. Whether it’s playing the guitar or watching Netflix, I can’t do either for a solid period of time, I tend to flick between the two.

The picture above is from a trip to Torquay I took this summer with my better half. This was the gorgeous view I had as I put my feet up, sat back and just enjoy the peace of the harbour. It’s important to sit back and take in moments like this. It’s so easy to let them pass you by.

So relax. Rest. Recover. Do something you enjoy that isn’t exercise. And smash the next workout.


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