4 Ways to Stay Safe in this (Brief) British Summer Sunshine

If you live in the UK as I do, you’re probably enjoying the brief 5 days of June sunshine that will probably be the entirety of our summer.

So I wanted to share with you some tips to follow when it comes to staying safe in the sun this (brief) summer. 

1. Hydrate.

Water is really important every day, but even more so when you’ve spent the day soaking in those glorious rays. Always keep lots of water nearby, especially if you’re going to be spending longer periods of time in direct sunlight. It’s important to stay hydrated to avoid sunstroke and heat exhaustion, particularly for younger members of the family.

2. Get some shade.

Don’t spend all of your time outside in direct sunlight. It’s important to make sure you get some shade to give your skin a break from the sunlight it probably isn’t used to. The sun is highest and therefore the most intense in the sky at around midday, with the highest temperatures usually recorded between 3pm and 6pm. If you’re spending the day at a beach, take a parasol with you and spend some time underneath it.

3. Apply and re-apply sunscreen.

Some of us avoid applying sunscreen in the hope that it will give us that much wanted tan. However, applying sunscreen will help to stop you from burning and makes tanning more gradual. Your tan won’t happen overnight or from one single day sitting in the sun, it needs to be built up. The SPF factor of sunscreen is the amount of times you’re being harmed by the sun’s UV rays. The sunscreen will block out these rays, preventing sun burn.
Apply your sunscreen around 20 minutes before going outside and again after being in water to give it the opportunity to soak into your skin and get to work.

4. Exercising.

Intense exercise in the heat is not a good idea, avoid it where you can. You are more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion due to the amount of water you lose from your body when you sweat. Don’t get me wrong, a nice long walk in the sunshine is great. But just be careful how intense your workout is when it’s 30 degrees outside and if, like mine, your gym has no air con.
When you exercise in the heat, be sure to drink even more water than usual to avoid things such as heat exhaustion. Your body will thank you later!

Above all, enjoy yourselves! As I said originally, the sun doesn’t happen often here in the UK so go out, enjoy it and stay safe!

If you have any other tips that you’d like to share let me know!


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